2nd Grade

In order to aid in the overall student writing process (to bolster the skills needed to publish in the technology age) the 2nd grade year will look like this:

Review of log-in procedures & basics

  • Finding name & entering password
  • Basic interaction - using the mouse, keyboard, etc
  • Vocabulary - Desktop, Dock, Icons, etc (our word wall)

Microsoft Word

  • The basics - opening and quitting
  • File management & navigation - Save As + Open: saving a file properly (proper name, location, etc) and finding the file and opening it up on a different occasion.
  • Basic typing review - proper way to capitalize, using “Shift” for certain punctuation, 1 space between words, etc
  • Practice typing - copying a document
  • Formatting 1 - margins, when to use the return key, etc
  • Formatting 2 - Bold, Italic, Underline, etc
  • Formatting 3 - changing font size & style
  • Practice formatting - using typed document & changing font style, size, bold, etc

The internet

  • The basics of Firefox/Chrome - the buttons, address bar, tools, etc
  • Searching using Google - what the results mean, pictures, etc
  • Downloading pictures - proper naming and saving procedures

Combining Microsoft Word and the internet

  • Inserting pictures found on the internet into a Word document
  • Formatting the picture in Word - size, position, etc
  • Formatting the complete document - text and pictures

Google Apps

  • Student will be introduced to Google Apps
  • Logging in to Google Apps with unique URL, username, passwords, etc
  • Using Google Drive to upload & convert existing Word documents as well as creating new ones

Depending on the number of times a class comes to the computer lab (due to schedule, holidays, assemblies, field trips, etc) the above items should take the better part of the year. If all the items are completed before the end of the year we will do some assignments on the PS10Tech blog...