An #eduwin is a moment to be celebrate. It's not a test score or an evaluation, it's those more meaningful moments. My students have them all the time; when their blog posts generate page views, when people comment on their blogs, when they share their Google Docs with friends and enjoy the collaborative experience... These are all #eduwins I see from my student every day.

But sometimes I have my own #eduwins. Those moments that re-affirm for me why I do what I do. Those moments that give me pause. This page is about those moments...

A note and the end of the year from a 4th grader - 2014

A letter a 4th grader wrote in class, as part of an ELA assignment on persuasive essays - 2014

My appearance on eduslam.me

eduslam is podcast hosted by Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark and aims to take 5 minutes and highlight an educator doing innovative things that are easily, and immediately transferable to other classrooms

Broadcast live on YouTube (4/15/14)

My appearance on LadyGeeks (part of the EdReach Network)

The #ladygeeks are Katie Regan and Shari Sloane and my appearancd revolved around Social Media in the elementary classroom.

Broadcast live on YouTube (4/10/14)

My appearance on Techlandia

Techlandia is a very well respected and followed Podcast put together by three vey distinguished educators; Alison Anderson, Curt Rees, and Jon Samuelson

Broadcast live on YouTube (3/30/14)