5th Grade

In order to aid in the overall student writing process (to bolster the skills needed to publish in the technology age) the 5th grade year will look like this:

(each year builds upon the previous so while the outlines may appear similar they move faster and the content becomes more detailed as the years progress)

Review of log-in procedures

  • Finding name & entering password
  • Basic interaction - using the mouse, keyboard, etc
  • Vocabulary - Desktop, Dock, Icons, etc (our word wall)

Review of Microsoft Word

  • Creating, saving, opening, typing, formatting, etc

Review of the internet

  • Firefox/Chrome/Safari basics, tools & functions, searching, downloading, etc
  • Mr. Casal’s blog at ps10tech.blogspot.com - there will be ongoing assignments on the blog

Review of combining Microsoft Word and the internet

  • Inserting pictures, formatting pictures, etc

Review of Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Review of the basics of Powerpoint - how to create, format, etc
  • Creating a practice Presentation with text, pictures, animations, transitions, etc

Apple’s Keynote software

  • Basics of Keynote - how to create, format, etc
  • Creating a practice Keynote with text, pictures, animations, transitions, etc
  • Exporting as Quicktime movie for web viewing

Internet research

  • Using the internet for research - review proper searching techniques, identifying reputable sites, etc
  • Research a new topic - Mr. Casal will assign
  • Taking the information gathered on the internet and creating either a Keynote of Powerpoint Presentation conveying what they have learned - text, pictures, animations, etc

Google Apps

  • Student will be introduced to Google Apps
  • Logging in to Google Apps with unique URL, username, passwords, etc
  • Using Google Drive to upload & convert existing Word & PowerPoint files as well as creating new ones
  • Working with Google Drive files
    • creating, formatting, and adding pictures to Documents
    • sharing Documents
    • working collaborative with Documents
    • creating, formatting, adding pictures, and animating Presentations
    • publishing Presentations to the web
  • Creating independent "Student Portfolio" Blogger blogs or Google Sites

Depending on the number of times a class comes to the computer lab (due to schedule, holidays, assemblies, field trips, etc) the above items should take the better part of the year. If all the items are completed before the end of the year we will do some work with internet publishing via Mr. Casal’s website. In addition we will doing ongoing assignments on Mr. Casal’s blog...